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What evidence should I collect after a road traffic accident?

Your first priority after being involved in a road traffic accident is to ensure that you and your passengers are safe and to call the authorities if anyone has been injured. It is then a good idea to collect information from the scene of the accident and thereafter, which will be used as evidence when making a claim after a road traffic accident.

What details do you need after a car accident?

If safe to do so at the scene of the accident you should collect the following information:

  • Name, address, vehicle registration number and insurance policy details of the third party.
  • Make note of the make, model and colour of the vehicles involved.
  • Record the date and time of the accident.
  • Call the police. It is the legal requirement to inform the police within 24 hours of an accident happening, no matter how minor or major the incident was. The police will provide you with case reference number assigned to the accident.
  • Make a note of the road and weather conditions i.e. if the road was icy, damaged, if the weather was particularly windy or rainy. If possible, take photos to show that the road was damaged.
  • Take photos of the damage done to each vehicle involved.
  • If the collision caused damage to a building or private property take photos of this.
  • Take note of the direction of travel of the vehicles involved.
  • Take the contact details of any witnesses who are willing to provide evidence.
  • Make a note of the angle at which the collision happened and where the vehicles hit each other.
  • Take photos or make a note of anything that may have an impact on the safety of driving conditions, such as broken street lighting or potholes.
  • Take photos or make a note of any road markings or signs that could be used as evidence of bad driving such as, speed limit signs, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. The same applies if you’re involved in a cycling or motorbike accident.

What evidence can be used to support my claim after the accident?

It is also advisable to keep the following as evidence to support making a claim after a road traffic accident:

  • A dairy of your symptoms and pain suffered, i.e. bruising, scarring, trouble with mobility, headaches etc.
  • Receipts and evidence of any out of pocket expenses such as travel to and from medical appointments and prescription charges.
  • Payslips dated 3 months prior to the accident and during the time you were off sick to show your loss of earnings.
  • Photographs and damages reports of your vehicle.

How can I make a claim?

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident in the last three years, you may be eligible to make a claim. Read our guide on how long you have to report a car accident for more information.

True Solicitors offer a free, no-obligation assessment of your case and if we believe that your claim will be successful, we will handle your case on a no win, no fee basis.

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