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Legal FAQs

It is unlikely as less than 5% of claims end up in court. If your case is one of them we will arrange for a specialist Barrister to represent you at court.

Personal Injury Compensation Claims go beyond personal injury:

– Personal injury: damage to your person, including the physical and emotional consequences of that and the impact it has on your day to day life.

– Rehabilitation: immediate and ongoing treatment, ege.g.: Physiotherapy and Counselling.

– Property damage: damage to vehicles or clothing for example.

-Financial loss: recouping money lost ege.g.: by not being able to work due to your accident. Recouping expenses previously incurred e.g. medication.

If you are claiming for Financial Mis-Selling, Cavity Wall Insulation or Credit Hire Charges, then we can recover the financial compensation which will put you in the position you would have been in had you not been wronged.

We will advise you! You may be able to claim for compensation if you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, or if you’ve lost money or your property has been damaged, so we need to define that for you really… genuine claims arise as a result of being put into, or entering a situation that caused injury, loss or damage, through the fault of someone else.

This is tricky to answer because there are so many factors to consider. Straightforward cases may be settled within a few months, however the following issues will make a case a little longer:

If the other side doesn’t accept responsibility.
If the other side is uninsured.
If the case has to go to court.
If the case is very complex.
But none of these things should deter you from pursuing what’s right. Call us anytime and we’ll give you honest advice regarding what to do. Or leave your contact details and our Front Line Team will call you back.

1) Our Front Line Team will speak with you and gather all the information required to make a claim on your behalf.
2) You’ll be introduced to your Case Manager, who will submit your claim to the other party.
3) Your Case Manager will gather all of the evidence needed to prove your case:
i) Arrange a medical examination if appropriate.
ii) Explore treatment necessary to assist your recovery.
iii) Collect supportive evidence to substantiate your claim for any losses or expenses you have incurred
4) Your Case Manager will present your claim to the other party and pursue your claim through to its conclusion.

You certainly can. Some accidents leave the victim unable to claim and some claimants are too young to claim in their own right – these cases can be brought by family or friends without any issue at all.

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Please Note: Estimate amounts are guidelines only. Your injury and recovery are as individual as you are. The amounts are guideline amounts only and any settlement will be based upon the evidence of medical practitioners.
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