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Paul Drabble

Personal Injury Solicitor (Road Traffic Accidents)


Cycling Accident Claims

Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users in the UK. A recent study by road safety charity Brake indicated that cyclists were staggeringly 63 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident on British roads than car drivers. If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident caused through a collision with a car, potholes in the road, or due to a fault with your bike you may be able to claim compensation.

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We are cycle accident compensation solicitors with over 20 years experience handling personal injury claims. We handle all types of bicycle injury claims (see our TRUE Cycling Statistics).

We have recovered compensation for clients who have suffered a range of injuries from minor cuts and bruises and whiplash, to fractured bones, ligament and tendon damage, and head injuries.

We will handle your claim on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

How can I make a cycling accident claim?

If you have been involved in a cycling accident that has caused you physical and emotional damage, as a result of someone else’s negligence you can claim compensation. Why should you be left out of pocket as result of another road user’s careless behaviour?

TRUE Solicitors offer an initial, free no obligation assessment of your case. After speaking to you we will analyse the details of your case and let you know if you have grounds for a claim.

If you choose to instruct us as your personal injury solicitor we will gather evidence to support your claim, including having your injuries examined by an independent medical expert. Your dedicated claims handler will work to get the negligent party responsible for your injuries to accept fault, and have their insurer pay the compensation amount agreed.

What damages can I claim for if I have been involved in a cycling accident?

If you have suffered a cycling injury due to the negligence of someone else, the typical types of compensation and damages that you may be able to claim for include:

Physical injuries: Injuries incurred as a result of the cycling accident including broken bones, fractures, head and spinal injuries, trauma to internal organs and eye damage.

Psychological damage: You may have suffered psychological damage as a result of the accident that you were involved in. Your may be able to claim compensation for this as long as we can prove that this is a direct result of the accident.

Financial Loss: If the cycling accident has left you unable to work due to the effects of your injuries, you may only be entitled to statutory sick pay which may not cover your monthly outgoings. We may be able to obtain financial compensation for you to recover any financial losses resulting from the accident.

Damages to bike: You may be able to claim back the costs of repairing or replacing your bike that was damaged in the accident.

Property damage: We may also be able to obtain compensation for you to recover the costs of any other damages that were caused to your personal property, resulting from the accident. This may involve items such as your mobile phone, laptop, clothing, shoes, helmet and watch or jewellery.

Travel Costs: Should you incur additional travel costs as a result of not being able to use your bicycle as your usual means of transport, we may be able to obtain compensation for you. If you need to use public transport or taxis to get to work or hospital appointments it is vital that you keep receipts as proof of purchase.

What will my claim be worth?

When making a bicycle accident claim the amount of compensation that you may receive is dependent upon the individual circumstances of your case. These are factors such as:

  • The severity of your injuries.
  • How your life has been affected by the injury.
  • Your future care and support needs.
  • Rehabilitation needs.
  • Financial losses, including how much money you’ve lost or will lose resulting from the negligent treatment (e.g. loss of earnings, travel expenses).
  • Specialist equipment and  home adaptations that you may need.
  • Damages to your bike, clothing and personal property i.e. phone or laptop.

To get an idea of the amount that you may receive to compensate for physical injuries use our free bicycle accident compensation calculator below:

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What is the time limit for making a cycling accident claim?

You have up to three years from the date that you had your cycling accident to make a claim. There are exceptions to the rule for children under the age of 18 and those mentally incapacitated to make a claim themselves.

You are able to make a claim on a child’s behalf at any time has occurred, before the child reaches the age of 18. After the child has turned 18 they have until they are 21 to make a claim themselves.

There is no time limit for making a claim on behalf of someone who is deemed mentally incapacitated to make a claim themselves.

Can I make a claim if I was partly to blame for causing the cycling accident?

You can still claim cyclist compensation even if you were partly to blame for causing the accident, it may however mean that you will receive a reduced settlement amount. For example, if you signalled the wrong way, which led to a car colliding with you, you would be partly to blame.

Can I make a claim for a hit and run accident?

It is still possible to pursue a claim if you were knocked off your bike in a hit and run scenario. If it’s not possible to trace the driver involved, or it involved an uninsured driver we can help you to make a claim through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB). This is a fund that all insurance companies pay into on an annual basis to compensate the victims of uninsured or unknown drivers.

Why choose us to pursue your claim?

  1. We will fight for you. TRUE Solicitors win over 95% of cases. Nobody wins more.
  2. Our ‘No Win, No Fee’ service gives you peace of mind.
  3. Your claim and the best possible outcome is our main priority.
  4. We can arrange quick access to physiotherapy and other treatments.
  5. We are independent. Unlike many of our competitors we are not owned by or affiliated to an insurance company.

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Cycling Accident Statistics

TRUE Solicitors LLP have been acting for injured cyclists for years, through through this we have amassed a wealth of data about cycle accidents and injuries. We are sharing this information in the hope it encourages cyclists and motorists to be more vigilant when approaching common accident scenarios.

Types of Cycling Accidents

According to our data almost two thirds of cycle accidents occur at road junctions, with 26% of accidents being caused by a vehicle pulling out from the left either from a side road or on a roundabout…

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Types of Injuries Sustained From Cycling Accidents

It is perhaps no surprise that in collisions involving cyclists and vehicles, injuries to limbs are the most common, with around 85% of cyclists suffering arm or leg injuries…

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TRUE Cycling Stories

> Cyclist injured by car door

Keen Yorkshire cyclist, Mr. S, instructed TRUE Solicitors after being knocked off his bike by a car door.

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> Two accidents in 4 years

Committed cyclist, Mr. S, instructed TRUE Solicitors twice in the last 4 years after being knocked off his bike in two separate road accidents…

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> Victim of Road

Mr Y was cycling home from work when he became the victim of an apparent road rage incident…

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> Cyclist hit by car on wrong side of the road

Welsh cyclist, Mr. W, was knocked of his Trek Domaine road bike whilst out enjoying a Sunday afternoon leisure ride

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> Cyclist hit by oncoming car turning right across his path

Manchester cyclist, Mr P, was out enjoying a Saturday morning bike ride on his Trek Madone when he was involved in an accident…

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> Cyclist awarded 15 times the amount offered by the insurance company

This case highlights the importance of getting professional legal advice and obtaining proper medical evidence before accepting an insurance company’s offer to settle…

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Read our cycling accident true stories here.

For a free, no obligation initial assessment or advice on cycling accident claims, contact us now on 0344 8547000. Alternatively, you can email us at info@true.co.uk, or submit an enquiry via the form on our website, and we will contact you without delay to discuss your case.

Our ‘No Win, No Fee’ service gives our clients peace of mind.

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Our Process


Submit Your claim – we will establish who was at fault and submit a claim on your behalf.


Gather the Evidence and Arrange Treatment – we will collect all of the evidence needed to prove your claim, arrange a medical examination for you, and if appropriate arrange treatment to assist with your recovery.


Win Your Claim – we will fight hard on your behalf to recover maximum compensation in the shortest time.

How long will my claim take?

The length of cycling accident claims depend on whether the other party admits fault, the severity of the injury and the extent of the claim for losses and expenses. Straightforward cycling accident claims may settle within a few months, whereas complex cases may take in excess of a year.

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Paul Drabble

Personal Injury Solicitor (Road Traffic Accidents)


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Please Note: Estimate amounts are guidelines only. Your injury and recovery are as individual as you are. The amounts are guideline amounts only and any settlement will be based upon the evidence of medical practitioners.
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