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Andrew Mayall

Partner - Personal Injury (EL/PL & Serious Injury)


Radiology Negligence Claims

Radiology is the medical term that refers to any form of diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound and MRI scanning. It is used to capture images of parts of the body which are not visible to the eye, in order to diagnose and treat disease or other medical issues.

Radiology plays a fundamental role in the early diagnosis of illness, allowing medical practitioners to identify disease and treat patients promptly. Therefore if a radiological errors occur, such as a medical practitioner’s failure to interpret scans properly, this can result in an adverse outcome for a patient.

Common examples of radiology errors include:

  • Failure to correctly interpret results.
  • Failure to act upon results that require further investigation or treatment.
  • Inadequate reporting on results.
  • Inadequate examinations and record keeping.
  • Lack of communication, leading to vital information not being given to the clinician responsible for the patients’ care.
  • Technical issues such as using the incorrect imaging protocol, images taken from the wrong area of the body, or scanning equipment malfunction.

What can I claim compensation for?

You may be able to claim for the following:

  • Loss of earnings.
  • Injury compensation.
  • Medical expenses such as, prescription charges and painkillers.
  • Compensation for the care and support provided by family or friends.
  • Reduced life expectancy.
  • Ongoing illness.
  • Recovery time.
  • Expected lifestyle changes.

How much will my claim be worth?

The amount of compensation that you may receive is dependent upon the individual circumstances of your case. The amount will depend on factors such as:

  • The severity of the radiological mistake.
  • How your life has been affected by the injury or illness.
  • Your future care and support needs.
  • Financial losses, including how much money you’ve lost or will lose resulting from the accident (e.g. loss of earnings, travel expenses).
  • Specialist equipment and adaptations that you may need.

Is there a time limit for making a claim?

You have up to three years from the date you became aware that you received negligent radiological treatment to make a claim. Is it is advisable to seek legal advice as soon as possible, whilst the information and circumstances around the treatment is fresh to mind.

You are able to make a claim on a child’s behalf at any time after the misdiagnosis has occurred, before the child reaches the age of 18. After the child has turned 18 they have until they are 21 to make a claim themselves.

How much will it cost to make a claim for a radiological error?

TRUE Solicitors will manage your claim on a ‘No win, No fee’ basis, so there is no financial risk to you. Our charges are dependent upon the individual type of case, and are typically a percentage of the compensation that we obtain for you. The charges will be no more than 25 per cent of your compensation amount.

How long will my claim take?

The length of medical negligence claims depends on whether the other party admits fault, the severity of the injury and the extent of the claim for losses and expenses. Straightforward medical negligence claims may settle within a few months, whereas complex cases may take in excess of a year.

How do I start a radiology negligence claim?

If you believe that you or a loved one has a claim for radiological negligence, contact TRUE Solicitors today to speak to a member of our First Response Team. We offer an initial free, no obligation, assessment of your case.

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TRUE Client Stories 

Claimant Receives £30,000 in Compensation Following Radiology Imaging Negligence

Our Process


Submit Your claim – we will establish who was at fault and submit a claim on your behalf.


Gather the Evidence and Arrange Treatment – we will collect all of the evidence needed to prove your claim, arrange a medical examination for you, and if appropriate arrange treatment to assist with your recovery.


Win Your Claim – we will fight hard on your behalf to recover maximum compensation in the shortest time.

Andrew Mayall

Partner - Personal Injury (EL/PL & Serious Injury)


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