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What Is Rehabilitation?

Making a personal injury claim is not only about getting financial compensation, it is also about getting access to the rehabilitation, support and medical care that you need to help you to get your life back to normal.

It is used to help those who have suffered minor injuries such as whiplash, to those who have been involved in catastrophic accidents which have led to serious injury, such as head and brain trauma.

What is the aim of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation plays a key part in aiding the recovery period for clients who have suffered due to personal injury. As part of the claims process your file handler, most often with the help of an independent medical expert, will assess your injuries and/or illness and advise on what rehabilitation is needed to speed up your recovery. The cost of any rehab treatment will also be taken into consideration when quantifying your claim.

The aim is to give clients their independence back following injury or illness. It can include:

• Providing medical treatment and therapy.
• Providing additional aids and adaptations to help injured people to do their day to day tasks.

What are the different forms of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation can take many different forms. The type of treatment will depend on each individual case but can typically involve:

Minor Injuries: – Sprains and muscle strain/bruising/shallow cuts or abrasions.

• Physiotherapy
• Psychological treatment

Moderate Injuries: – Temporary or remediable injuries such as broken bones.

• Surgery
• Physiotherapy
• Psychological treatment
• Occupational therapy
• Domestic help

Serious injury: – Life changing injury such as head, brain or spinal injury and limb loss.

It often entails all of the above for complex, life changing injuries including:

• Prosthetics (in amputation cases)
• Aids and equipment
• Home adaptations – such as handrails, widening of door frames, stair lifts etc.
• Vehicle adaptations
• Speech and language therapy
• Support workers
• Neuropsychological help
• Accommodation needs

True Solicitors are able to get you access to private rehab, which is likely to be quicker than through the NHS, which often has long waiting lists for treatment.

What is the rehabilitation code?

The Personal Injury Pre Action Protocol outlines the Rehabilitation Code. The code is in place to ‘help the injured claimant make the best and quickest possible medical, social, vocational and psychological recovery.’ The aim of the code is to get the claimant and the defendant’s solicitors to work together to ensure that the injured party receives treatment as early on in the process as possible. The rehabilitation treatment is paid for by the defendant.

What are interim payments?

Interim payments are used to cover the costs of rehabilitation before the final settlement is calculated. As personal injury claims can go on for several months to even years it is essential that the clients treatment needs are addressed as early on as possible to ensure that they make as best a recovery as they can.

If the third party’s insurer admits liability then they will cover the costs of the interim payments. If the insurer denies responsibility then your solicitor may need to start court proceedings to decide if the insurer is required to pay and what amount.

Why choose us?

True Solicitors are experts in obtaining financial compensation and rehabilitation for our clients who have suffered due to personal injury. We have formed strong relationships with independent medical experts and medical agencies over the years, to ensure that our clients have access to the best treatment to aid their recovery.

We deal with all types of personal injury claims, from straightforward whiplash injuries, simple strains and sprains, to catastrophic life changing injuries.

We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning that there no upfront costs to you. We offer a free initial, no obligation assessment of your case.

Call us on 0344 854 7000 to discuss your claim, or submit your details below and we’ll call you back at a time convenient for you.

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