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Mis-sold Solar Panel Claims – Battery Claim

15 May 2018

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Have you been mis-sold solar panels or an addition to your solar panel system, such as a battery pack? Solar panel complaints are rife, with many vulnerable people buying into the idea of financial savings but finding that the benefits and costs are not what they were promised at the point of sale. TRUE Solicitors LLP has created a case study that focuses on Mr H’s experience with his solar panel claim after being mis-sold a solar panel battery pack.

Mr H received a full refund of almost £6,000 after being mis-sold a solar panel ‘battery pack’.

Mr H was retired when he was unexpectedly contacted by a sales company. They told Mr H that he could increase the financial benefits he was currently receiving from his existing solar panel system — by hundreds of pounds each year.

The sales company explained that the ‘battery pack’ could be added to the existing solar panel system and it would store any ‘extra’ electricity that was generated, but unused by Mr H during the day. This would allow Mr H to use ‘free’ electricity during the evenings and it would mean that electricity would be available for him even during power cuts.

The solar panel complaint was a result of Mr H being told that the battery pack would allow him to use almost all of the electricity generated by his solar panels — reducing his electricity bills and ensuring financial savings.

With the best intentions, and on the understanding that the ‘battery pack’ would improve his financial position during his retirement, Mr H agreed to the purchase using a combination of a credit card and a loan.

Unfortunately, Mr H soon discovered that the ‘battery pack’ did not work during power cuts and his electricity bills did not reduce.   He was left with an expensive but apparently useless addition to his solar panels.

Mr H made several complaints to the sales company about the mis-sold solar panel ‘battery pack’, but these were not resolved.

Understanding that TRUE Solicitors deal with solar panel claims regularly, Mr H instructed TRUE to represent him in pursuing a financial mis-selling claim to recover the money he had paid.

TRUE were successful in negotiating a full purchase price refund of almost £6,000 from the credit card provider.

Mr H commented “Good service by all.  Was kept very informed by Vanessa all the way through.  Well done.”

If you have been a victim of mis-sold solar panels and would like to make a solar panel claim, contact our team today.

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