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TRUE Solicitors LLP – Personal Injury Compensation experts

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Do you have a TRUE claim?

Accidents often happen quickly and they can be highly emotional; so it’s sometimes hard for the person involved to know if they have a genuine claim or not.

For a professional, objective review of your accident, call TRUE Solicitors LLP. We listen, we learn and we guide you through every stage of the process.

If you think you have a TRUE claim, call us now.

TRUE Solicitors LLP

We began life with just two partners and a secretary wanting to actively attract claimants motivated by the desire for personal vindication as well as financial compensation.

We’re now a 200 strong team with four offices - Newcastle, Leeds, Ipswich and Birmingham – each staffed by highly trained people who never falter from our fundamental principle...   

TRUE Solicitors LLP – we stand for genuine compensation, never unjust CONpensation.

Our teams of professional, approachable and highly dependable experts have supported millions of clients who understand the true motivation behind compensation claims – and it’s never been to get undeserved financial reward. Not with us.

When injured parties come to us, they often have doubts about the certainty of claiming. TRUE Solicitors LLP gives honest advice and sets achievable goals; we never mislead, never inflate the figures and never knowingly pursue a claim that isn’t justified –
this is how we maintain our impressive success rate.
David Hamilton. Founding Partner